These are the simplest and most on-trend make-up looks to shine this holiday season

Make-up purple – FILE – COURTESY OF DELFY

Christmas is the perfect season to stand out and show off your most daring looks without having to give up an elegant and sophisticated look. Although it may seem that a makeup based on glitter, sequins or rhinestones is excessive, the truth is that there are some techniques that allow you to wear this makeup without excessive results.

Glitter is the best option to incorporate a different, fun and glamorous touch to our look. We offer you some ideas for an ideal makeup this time of the year and so you can get the perfect shiny finish to be the queen of the party and not go unnoticed.

Glam eyeliner

Leave behind the classic black eyeliner and try incorporating a touch of glitter and glitter in 3D. To achieve this, first apply a touch of glitter on the eyelid, and then apply the glitter and 3D glitter on the upper lash line. You can use any color, we recommend gold or silver.

Smokey eye with glitter

Smokey eyes are always a classic and what better way than to reinvent it with the addition of glitter. It’s the perfect way to elevate a basic look, you can experiment with metallic pigments and a touch of glitter. Plus, it’s so simple to do, first apply a smoky eyeshadow and then incorporate the glittery touches all over the eyelid. Green shimmers work very well with smoky colors.

Inverted cat eye

The most original way to incorporate glitter. First we start with a classic cat eye, a black eyeliner on the upper eyelid. Then, we make a lower line with glitter. You can use a bit of gloss to give the glitter an unbeatable finish. Golds and pinks are perfect for this type of makeup.

Bicolor smoky with glitter

This is the best option if you want to take a risk. It consists of combining different shades of glitter. First, prepare the eye with a cream-colored shadow. Then, add the glitter. For the smoky effect, make a glitter base, working only the outer half of the eyelid, and save the inner area for the other color. Finally, blend it all with small touches.

Makeup nude

Possibly the simplest and easiest makeup to incorporate into any look. To do it, first work on the skin to make it fresh and natural. Then, we incorporate a small touch of transparent glitter on the eyelids. And to get more strength in the look, we use a mascara with volume and mark the eyebrows. This way, you will get a luminous makeup with a juicy effect. It is also perfect for any occasion.

Floating eyeliner

To get out of your comfort zone and risk a little more. In this make-up, the eyeliner is the main protagonist and you can apply it in the color you like the most. We start with a classic eyeliner and when we finish the line on the outer part of the eyelid, we make another one below the eyebrows.

Glitter manicure

And we can’t forget about the nails. It is the easiest way to incorporate glitter in our look. You have a wide variety of colors and styles. You can choose to paint the whole nail in one color or do a colorful French manicure. Whatever your style you can find the option that best suits you.